Thursday, December 16, 2004

Gift Hunt, Part 2

I was checking out Kate's Paperie online for the perfect Anne-y gift when I came across a strange little only-in-the-cosmopolitan-Western-world phenomenon. Kate's, or at least the one I'm thinking of, is a major Soho fixture that sells an entire (recycled?) forest's worth of paper products, stationery, photo albums, etc., along with ink and paperweights and that kind of stuff. Their online catalog lists about six items. That's not the interesting thing; I just find that a little irritating cause I can't really do a wholehearted Christmas shopping trip online. But anyway...

As with many online catalogs, you can sort the items in Kate's in different ways, like alphabetically or by lowest price, or... by highest price???!!! What kind of incredibly generous jackass has no maximum price limit on his Christmas spending but has a minimum limit, and thus needs to use this feature? What rich, snooty bird-evicting Scrooge is deliberately looking for most expensive gift imaginable.... and why is this jerk looking at Kate's Paperie?

Okay, now I'm pissed. Egg nog anyone?