Tuesday, December 21, 2004

An old dude nearly got clobbered by a bus on 42nd Street today. It was sweet!


Now, it was around lunchtime and I was waiting on the corner for the little green "walk" guy to light up on the pedestrian traffic light. Apparently, this old guy, he wasn't waiting. He just walked right into the street, in that slow ambling shuffle that old people have. Now, a bus was coming down the street, going about thirty-five because it had the green light. Thing is, the bus driver doesn't want to hit this guy, probably cause there'd be a lot of paperwork to fill out if he did, so the bus is honking the whole way through the intersection. But the old guy doesn't even speed up. He's completely freaking oblivious. Anyway, the bus comes to a full stop about six inches from the guy, and the guy just keeps on walking.

I mean, where's the consideration? What, for this guy, red means go and green means go? Please, we're living in a society here.

I'm all for crossing against the light, but you gotta follow the rules you learned back in elementary school: look both ways and if a thirty-ton bus is charging down the street at you, stay the fuck on the sidewalk. At least be prepared to move your ass if a car that does have the right of way is coming. I think we should make it legal to run over people who don't follow the above two rules; if we did that, after about a month, we wouldn't have this problem anymore.