Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I can't say that I'm phenomenally thrilled about the readership pattern of my blog. I downloaded the graph below from, and as you can see, readership spiked as my employment prospects drooped. On average, my blog gets 15 page loads a day, two or three of which are probably me. On Friday, my blog got 13 page loads, with 12 unique visitors. On Sunday, there were 47 page loads with 6 unique visitors. On Black Monday, I had a whopping 88 page loads witih 24 unique visitors and 18 first-time visitors. The page where I rag on Tony got 19 hits, more than six times any other page.

Now that everybody at Theatre Row's forgotten about me: 10 page loads and 6 unique visitors.

Honestly, I was operating under the assumption that no one ever read my blog. Maybe there'd be the stray visitor who clicked on the "Next Blog" link at the top right of the page, but they'd be few and far between, and they'd be from somewhere like Switzerland and wouldn't bother ratting me out. Nobody I knew would ever stumble across the blog, and they certainly wouldn't bother reading it, because they have no interest in me whatsoever.

So there's a lesson in this: if you want people to read your shit, you've gotta bad-mouth your colleagues. Not what I was hoping for. (Damn guilt!)