Tuesday, April 5, 2005

We learn from one of the commercial breaks that the entire cast of UPN's Veronica Mars is going to be at the Macy's in Herald Square this Saturday at one. Which leads to the following important question: Who the hell cares enough about Veronica Mars to actually leave their house, spend two bucks on a subway ride, and trek all the way over to Herald Square, and then wander through the acres and acres of misses and juniors that is The World's Largest Store (and also The World's Tackiest Store Per Capita) just to glimpse the cast of a UPN show. And it's not like Buffy, either, where you can dress up as your favorite character and try to impress the other geeks there.

Not that I mean to be cynical, but this is coming from someone who (a) likes Veronica Mars and (b) actually went to see Paris Hilton promote her book at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. I was careful not to look directly at Paris because I was afraid I might catch something.

Okay, so I've just got to grab a friend and we have to go. I mean, to check out all the losers there, of course.