Monday, May 30, 2005

Facebook Hates Me :(

I can't wait till maybe two or three years pass and this whole dumb post-graduation Facebook craze dies like so many virtual pets and Beanie Babies. Not that I don't appreciate the spirit and idea motivating the Facebook — helping folks who share(d) a campus keep in touch —— but the Facebook's just grown into a microcosm of my high school social life, which I was only too happy to get rid of once I started at Columbia. (Not that Columbia replaced it with anything better.)

Carolyn told the exciting news last night that Ankur was moving back to the East Coast in July. And I, always wary that the high school posse's having fun without me, had to debrief Carolyn, extract who else had this sensitive information among a high school clique that honestly should've matured years ago. I don't understand the phenomenon, but this sort of self-flagellation seems a hallmark of the pariah. James, who I've known since about seventh grade, has my psychology nailed. I'd call him up and ask what he did over the weekend, and he'll say, "I'll tell you, but you really don't want to know."

So I asked Carolyn, "How do you know?" She fell for my clever scheme.

Apparently Ankur posted the news on his Facebook profile page, and thus began a twenty-minute endeavor to ingratiate myself enough to the damn Facebook that it would show me Ankur's profile. I search for him and get nothing, I try linking via Carolyn's profile and get nothing, Carolyn gives me his exact address and I get redirected back to my profile. I curse off the Facebook, like I did so many Friday nights in high school. Carolyn can see Ankur's profile; Rebecca can (presumably) see Ankur's profile; I can't. Now, I know I shouldn't take it personally: what probably happened was that Ankur started receiving a ton of spam through Facebook so he enhanced his privacy settings to block the generic riff-raff of the world from finding his profile. Carolyn found his profile prior to his walling it off; I looked for it after.

But my feelings are hurt, being rejected by the Facebook.