Friday, May 27, 2005

Here's a brief article I found in the Record-Press, our town's other superfluous newspaper.

Cops make sure drivers buckle up

WESTFIELD — Chief Bernard Tracy has announced that the Westfield Police Department will be joining law enforcement agencies nationwide in the "Click It or Ticket" program.

Until June 5, the department will be conducting a campaign that incorporates zero-tolerance enforcement of safety belt laws to increase safety belt use and defend against serious injury or death in traffic crashes.

"Click It or Ticket" is a high-publicity law enforcement effort that gives people more of a reason to buckle up — the increased threat of a traffic ticket. Most people buckle up for safety. But for some, it is the threat of the ticket that spurs them to put on a safety belt....
Really? Who? I'd like to meet those fearless daredevils who are unfazed at the possibility of a horrible, bone-mangling car crash but shudder at the thought of a forty dollar traffic ticket. This is the problem with the pigs... er, I mean, authority figures — somehow, they convinced themselves that they can bully and scare the proletariat when in fact all they really have the power to do is irritate us with their senseless frivolity. I, for one, think it might be a good idea if the police went and fought actual crime instead of pretending to be Mom and harassing citizens who don't wear their seat belts or who go six miles over the speed limit or something. Next thing you know, the cops are gonna be telling us to turn that damn rap music down and to go to bed cause you have to get up early tomorrow morning.