Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Fathers' Day, Louse!

A brief snippet of conversation from a family that's not dysfunctional at all. I overheard them while looking for a Fathers' Day card at Irma's Bag, our town's Hallmark store:

Mother: Just pick up any stupid card! It doesn't matter!
Adult Daughter: Okay, okay, and I need to get him a gift, too.
Mother: I swear if you get him a gift I'll never talk to you again.
So Happy Fathers' Day, whoever you are they're talking about. Hope you weren't expecting anything special.
And I got Dad a card that says on the front something like, "You've taught me so many lessons about life, Dad." And then on the inside it says, "But I wasn't listening." Oh, that's heartwarming!