Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jay Contemplates Humiliating Himself on a Reality Show

I heard that they're casting for the second season of Beauty and the Geek, and I'm thinking it might be amusing to audition. Even though I'm incredibly attractive, I think I'd go for the role of "geek." I've got the glasses, the penchant for reading the — online — encyclopedia, the social awkwardness. It could be fun, shacking up with some dumb as crap beer spokesmodel and having Brian McFayden ask me questions about Paris Hilton. I'd get to go into that private intereview room and all my friends and family and total strangers would see me on TV with that Kyron saying: "Jay, 24. Never had sex with a woman"

Anyway, New York City auditions are August 22, so by then I'll probably have this crazy idea out of my head.