Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Low Standards

What's pissing me off about the pussies heading up the Democratic party this week? Well, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out this email to its members with the overly optimistic subject "No Republican Is Safe". The DCCC is glowing with praise for Paul Hackett's campaign. Paul Hackett's losing campaign.

I've never seen anyone so damn cocky after getting their ass handed to them. The gist of the email is that the Democrats aren't the humongous losers you thought they were. They're just average losers. Instead of falling an expected forty points behind in this special election, Hackett only lost by four. But he's clearly in denial, acting like he won the whole thing and put the Republicans in their place: "After the chips have fallen in November of 2006, I hope we can look back at my race as the first page in a new chapter in history. A chapter where accountability and integrity were brought back to our government. A chapter where deceit and influence-peddling were not taken for granted from those in power."

Well we can't, Paul. Clearly, these same dumb Ohio fucks who put Dubya back in the White House the second time around aren't impressed by ethics scandals and missing taxpayer revenue. Deceit and influence-peddling: still pretty much taken for granted. Hackett should've accused his opponent of being a gay Satanist bondage-freak, something that really gets these morons riled up.