Monday, November 28, 2005

ABC announced that this will be the final season of that derivative Buffy hackfest Alias because, thankfully, all of America finally came to its senses and realized that pregnant women are not sexy. Go figure. Nevertheless, now seems like a perfect time start my online petition to give the one shining beacon of talent on that show, Kevin Weisman, his own spinoff. For the programming directors at ABC, here's my idea: Weisman continues playing his lovable, babbling alter ego Marshall Fleck, only Frinking the character up a few notches with a lab coat two sizes too big and a Jerry Lewis accent. He builds little gadgets and gizmos in his nerd lab, and also, he fights crime. But not with violence. He bores his enemies to death by reminiscing about the eighties. I even have plans for the obligatory episode where Weisman concocts a potion that makes him ultra-urbane, but also turns him into a total mimbo.


Jay said...

While I'm thinking about it, FOX should bring back The Lone Gunmen. Yes, yes, geeks, I know that they're technically dead, but it's not like Mulder hasn't died fifty or sixty times.