Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Would Jesus Wear?

Prada, apparently. Turns out Pope Benedict has a Bradshaw-esque shoe fetish and a penchant for Gucci sunglasses to go along with the pointy-hat fixation that What Not To Wear tells me is a fashion faux pas. Uh... a dude wearing $800 shoes and $200 sunglasses? Sounds a little gay to me, Benny.

At least John Paul's gluttonous vice was pimping out the Popemobile. Maybe a little ghetto, but at least he wasn't falling in with the fashionista sodomites.

I'd like to know when the church is going to collapse under the weight of its own haughtiness: the sex abuse scandals, dwindling numbers of seminarians, now the pope has the same fashion sense as Brittney Gastineau. It reminds of me of the story in the Decameron about the Jew who converts to Christianity after travelling to Rome and seeing all the corruption in the church:

"It seemed to me the churchmen were all so steeped in lust, greed, avarice, fraud, envy, pride, and other like sins and worse, that I regard the place as a hotbed for diabolical rather than devotional activities. As far as I can judge, it seems to me that your pontiff, and all the others too, are trying to reduce the Christian religion to nought and drive it from the face of the earth... But since it is evident to me that their attempts are unavailing, and that your religion continues to grow in popularity, and become more splendid and illustrious, I can only conclude that it deservedly has the Holy Ghost as its foundation and support."