Friday, March 17, 2006

Boycott Westfield!

I've been making a kind of informal stand against the parking situation in Westfield for several years now — ever since my parents made me pay for my own parking, really — but today I'd like to make it official. I believe parking should be free for all to enjoy, and until the town of Westfield removes their overpriced parking meters, I will not patronize any of their businesses. I'll do my shopping at the new mini-mall they opened up at the north end of town, where they don't charge me for the privilege for shopping, and I urge my fellow central-Union-Countyites to follow my lead.

Of course, I'm going to struggle with my protest alone, because.... I don't really know why. The residents of Westfield are cheap bastards who don't like paying taxes and want out-of-towners to fund their city, but I don't see why the rest of us are all so eager to oblige. They could make those meters twenty bucks a minute, and people would still be too lazy to drive to the mall to shop at Banana Republic.


DL said...

Right on! Down with Wesfield. Up with Scotch Plains (I don't think we have any business worth parking next to anyway).