Sunday, June 11, 2006

I chose my official, super-permanent MySpace name this evening, and you can visit my supremely unnecessary MySpace page at Tom — did I mention I can't stand Tom? — has provided me with the following information inaugurating my new MySpace handle.

Your new username is:
Your MySpace URL is:
Your Real Name is:
Jay Harris
Your Display Name is:

  • Edit your Real Name and Display Name anytime.
  • Your username and URL is permanent.
  • Put your new MySpace URL on business cards, on email signatures or add it to your AIM Profile.
Take a look at that last line there, and now tell me that Tom isn't a twelve-year-old. I can understand having a link to your MySpace page in your AIM profile or maybe as an e-mail signature (for friends only), but if you're putting your MySpace URL on business cards and handing them out, you really don't deserve to have business cards. Or clients, for that matter.
In happier MySpace news, I'm proud to announce that I'm working on a Greasemonkey user script that should get rid of all of MySpace's trillions of little annoyances: the "Featured Profile," the "Cool New People," the CSS apparently hand-coded by psychotic howler monkeys, the DHTML written by people who don't know the first thing about DHTML, the Quicktime videos and Shockwave music plug-ins that automatically start up with whatever cacophony the Black-Eyed Peas are putting out this week. Unfortunately, it won't get rid of all the assholes who actually put that clutter in their profiles. Nor will it get rid of Tom. :(