Thursday, June 1, 2006

Why I Hate Brad, Angelina, and their Stupid Pseudo-Namibian Baby...

...because thanks to them, I have to agree with this Fox News gossip reporter. The columnist, Roger Friedman, also noted back in January that the Cult of Scientology likely forced Isaac Hayes to quit his South Park gig, so this means that I've agreed with Fox News twice, and now my world is spinning. I can't tell the difference between good and evil anymore — remember how amidst our nationwide panic over missing Jennifer Wilbanks, the only voice of reason pointing out the possibility that she just got cold feet was Sean freaking Hannity.

So please, Hollywood liberal elite, will you stop doing such hugely assholey things like willingly delivering your goddamn messiah baby in a third-world country that even the huge assholes at Fox News are pointing out what huge assholes you are?