Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coffeeshop Rant

Can we hire some slightly stupider people at the local coffeeshop because it's really a lot of fun having to explain the concept of an "iced caffe latte" to someone who already knows what a "caffe latte" is. First time this happened, last Tuesday, it took three employees to figure out the iced caffe latte concept, which, just in case you're retarded, is ice + caffe latte = iced caffe latte. It's not a Harvey Wallbanger or anything. Also, despite three brains being tasked on the project, no one figured out on their own why the ice should probably go in the cup first.

So I'm very proud of today's barista for at least getting that far without help. Good for you, being in your mid-thirties, working at some second-rate Starbucks, and understanding Archimedes' Principle. Now if you could just memorize the ingrediends in a latte. Espresso and milk. Spend a few hours going over that.