Sunday, July 30, 2006

I know that An Inconvenient Truth was semi-facetiously marketed as the scariest film you'll ever see, but I found it more depressing than anything else. Kind of like the post-'96 Bob Dole or the post-2000 John McCain, Al Gore can be an extremely interesting, witty, and entertaining guy, and every time he made a crack in the movie towards the Administration or the global warming skeptics, I cried a little inside, wondering where the hell this guy was during the 2000 campaign season and who was that loser yammering on about lockboxes and his ninety-year old friend Millie from Illinois who had to choose between buying her heart medicine and buying bread? I know there's a lot of blame to spread around, between Elian Gonzales and a president who couldn't keep it in his pants and an extremely stupid electorate, but if you need even more of a reason to get pissed at America's campaign-by-committee method of selecting and marketing our leaders, here's a 2000 video of an unguarded Gore and family, directed by the same guy who did that music video with Christopher Walken.

Feel free to start crying now.


Anonymous said...

here's something amazing and thrilling. Remember Mark Spittle?
Seems that he is quite the little freak. Yuck.