Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Piazza Michelangelo isn't the easiest place to get to. It's outside of the city walls on top of one damn impressive hill – I mean, it isn't like some monastery out in the Himalayas, but for a city where you spend a good eight to ten hours a day on your feet and everything worth seeing is at the top of three or four staircases, it's a hike to get here. I climbed a hundred and five steps, plus ninety-five of those steps that are so steep they have to angle them, and I battled through the exhaustion and the burning in my legs by thinking about how much easier getting back down would be.

It's totally worth it for the view. On a visit to Florence, the pictures you can get of the Tuscan hillside almost make up for the pictures they won't let you take of the great art.

This is the Florentine city wall, built back in Roman times.

Another self-portrait, to make it easier for those of you trying to experience my vacation vicariously.


Mike said...

Great pictures. Thanks for the picture of you.