Friday, June 29, 2007

My room's now officially off-limits for sleep, or work, or pretty much anything ever since we changed the light fixtures. I bought a new ceiling fan to help deal with my bedroom mold issues, and I really like its look. I was going for something industrial and plain, but it's really tough shopping for a ceiling fan that doesn't look like it belongs either in a homemaker's kitchen or in a ball bearing factory. Mine's kind of 50's diner chrome retro, and it doesn't a hundred percent fit with my style, but it's not bad.The only problem is that when you take a look at the fan down at Home Depot, you don't really get a good idea of the quality of light it puts out. So imagine my surprise when I got home late at night yesterday and found that my room is now deep, deep blue.Those are four tungsten-halogen lights burning at over 4500 °F, and I didn't manipulate that picture at all. My room is really that dark now, and that sapphire.

I have the high-def now, the subwoofer and speakers, the whole color light look... I can bring my aquarium up from the basement. All I need is a bubble machine and I can turn my bedroom into Ice, the hottest nightclub in Fanwood.