Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was in my blanket fort the other day and I got this brilliant coffeehouse idea, which you are free to use provided you give me credit and maybe a free mochaccino or two. You know how coffeehouses have chairs and tables, and maybe a friendship sofa in the back, right? Not anymore, because I've got a serious cafe revolution germinating — rugs on the floor and a whole Linens 'n Things' worth of bedding. You've got a sort of Zen, minimalist, comfy vibe going, but here's the best part: the customers get to make their own pillow forts!

Enterprising souls have tried something similar with great publicity and, apparently, mixed results. But that was dinner, my idea is just about pick-me-ups and hanging out. And that was for professional jackasses with disposable income who've probably lost their sense of whimsy around the same time they were cashing in their stock options — "It's dinner and dessert in bed! We can eat, then we can screw!" Only to be disappointed when it's all a little too public and you're stuck in under the sheets being platonic and talking about other dudes. (On a side note, Grounded is playing Marvin Gaye right now, which I think would be a lot more appropriate if you're in a blanket fort! With somebody else.)

You need to tap into that puerile market, folks still dreaming about how Hollywood will someday option their screenplay.