Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Breaking News: Annual Astronomical Event Occurred

Against all odds, our planet completed its orbit around the sun and I decided to mark the occasion by resuming my blog. Had the Earth crashed into the sun this time around, I figure, no blog. Thus endeth the four and a half billion year streak in a celebration of thermonuclear confetti, with performances by Nickelback and Natasha Beddingfield, plus the world-famous Times Square ball, right?

Nope, physics still works. Lucky you.

I put the blog on hiatus because it was teetering over a deep, depressing well of suck, but my New Year's resolution is to pull it away from the precipice with insightful commentary, perspectives, and bitching. Maybe proofreading, too. That is the one, single, only way I need to improve myself in the upcoming year.

I was going to put "get in shape" on my New Year's resolution list, but maybe I'll hold off on that until Halley's Comet returns to our solar system.