Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maybe She Just Likes Campaigning...

It's pretty much the same thing we've been saying since the days of her revolving hairstyles: we haven't heard the last of Hillary. She'll help lead John McCain to the presidency next year and run again in 2012. In 2016, Chelsea will probably be on the ticket. By 2024, it'll be Roger handing whatever's pieces of the country aren't in China's or Dubai's hands over to the neo-cons.

Over the speculation about what the hell she's still doing, there's the question of why she's still doing it, whether it's political posturing or waiting for tragedy to befall Barack or what. My theory is she's just an arrogant bitch — whether it's American Idol or the party nomination process, you don't get eighteen million votes, and you certainly don't get to the top, without ego overflowing your cranium. Politicians, unlike the wacko fundamentalists who support them way, way after the game's over and everyone's left the stadium, are supposed to have the grace to at least appear humble. Bush, who, lest we forget, believes he's God's messenger bringing democracy and oil revenues to the Middle East, looks like a doofus — at least until someone challenges him.

Frankly, Hills, it's no longer fun and your militant feminist supporters remind me of those protesters on College Walk I tried to avoid cause they'd spend fifteen minutes of your life telling you how you're a bigot for not supporting their crazy rage-filled anarchic politics. This comes from someone who still would vote for a white guy, John Edwards, if he were still in the race. (Although to be honest, I really wanted to vote for Elizabeth Edwards, whose politics I agreed with and who, in my estimation, would be even less disingenuous than her husband.)

But then again, maybe she just enjoys campaigning, and pandering to the working class.