Saturday, July 5, 2008

I have a little issue with some girls' profiles, especially on the last question: "You should contact me if..." People are writing something like, "You are not over 30, you are not creepy. Don't message me with 'I want 2 have sex w/ u' cause I won't respond, etc., etc.," basically rattling off who they don't want contacting them. I guess, be as picky as you want, but it's a brief, dumb email. It's not like medieval times where some guy points at you and suddenly you're his bride.

If I can summarize, the sentiment is, "Don't be a lech," which — maybe I'm naive — I thought goes without saying. I immediately take off a personality point for that, since I can definitely see me adding, "Vapid bitches need not apply," to my profile would be a certain deal-breaker... even though (a) it's true and (b) nobody thinks that they're a vapid bitch and that restriction would even apply to them. Dear God, getting hit on: that must be awful! Some guy, admittedly with broad tastes, thinks you're physically attractive. Such a burden! You, Girl, are a hero just for getting out of bed in the morning, and putting on make-up... and doing your hair... and coordinating an outfit...