Sunday, September 7, 2008

Demographic Election

Anybody else notice how the Republican talking-head faux demographic generator has been growing more and more redneck every election? It started with the soccer moms, till that was too European and gay. Then NASCAR dads, a solid vroom-vroom Dukes of Hazzard replacement except gas went up to four dollars while loud-ass advertising machines were driving in circles five-hundred times a day. So, hockey moms! (Which is apparently only redneck on the surface, as it's right up there with Lou Dobbs's working-man equestrian team when it comes to parents' disposable income being thrown into undoing their childhood failings vicariously through their overscheduled kids.) I wonder what ESPN reject the Republicans will cram an ill-defined group around next. Rodeo? Chainsawing?

In 2012: Backyard-wrestling creepy uncles.