Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I simply can not stomach the Condi Rice Senate confirmation hearings. It isn't the fact that she's a hard-line neo-conservative hawk that bugs me, nor the way she's completely incompetent and unqualified for the position. It's those wussy Democratic senators who are questioning her, including presidential loser John Kerry. Not one of them reflects my anger with the current administration: "Dr. Rice, turns out you were a big fat liar when you said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, you fucked up the crusade against Iraq so our soldiers are dying in terrorist attacks a year and a half after they put the 'Mission Accomplished' sign up on the battleship, and now you want a job promotion? What the hell is wrong with you??!!" Instead it's all congratulations on your nomination Condi, love working with you, thanks for your service to the country. And these are the GOODDAMN DEMOCRATS, listening to her lie through her teeth and fuck America and then thanking her for it.

You know what also pisses me off is that she's doing better in her job interview than I ever do in any of mine. Like, even on the rare occassion that one of these senators tries to fuck her up, she's unflappable in her prevaricating. Maybe there's something to be said for these practice interviews, committing your meaningless corporate bullet points to memory, wearing a conservative pants suit and some lipstick — or in my case — a tie.

Anyway, Condi's obviously gonna be nominated cause that's what you get for living in a kakistocracy. Well, in 2006, I'll be able to run for Congress (although I imagine I'll be too busy blogging to do any real campaigning). So then things are gonna change in this country! Yay!