Monday, January 17, 2005

This is the sign outside the east men's room in Grand Central Station. There is, of course, a corresponding sign outside the women's room (or, the "ladies lounge," as it's sometimes called). Now, my question: Is it really necessary to say "men Only" in bold, italic, and underlined? I can just imagine there being a really long line for the women's room, so one or two tomboys — probably two — figure they'll try their luck in the men's room. Just in case any of you ladies are getting any ideas out there, I wouldn't recommend this. Seriously, the men's room is, invariably, freaking nasty. Men don't want to go in there. But I digress, as these imaginary women and their full imaginary bladders approach the men's room and see the sign, men — emphatically — only, and turn back, frustrated.

What's really disturbing is you know that they wouldn't put those signs up there except somebody did just that. But now that they've got those bumper-sticker sized signs up on the wall, we can rest assured that one bathroom will be devoted entirely to people standing up and peeing and the other will be solely seated pee-ers. Thank God.

Okay, it could be worse...