Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Positive Feedback

Finally, someone gave me a review without calling me ugly. It's from one of our hardly-working civil servants whose parents most likely did not name him/her Anonymous:

Trying to fake-it through a work day for a government employee is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do when reading your blog...you're a funny kid! Keep entertaining me at work and I'll work extra hard to piss away your tax dollars! THANK YOU!

This blogging thing was so much easier before I had a fan base. Much more pressure. Gotta be funny. Life was much easier before folks had expectations of me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't "work" for the govt, and I can't read your blog at "work", but I do look forward to escaping from the 9-to-5--I mean the 8:30-to-7:00--just to read your blog (and for other reasons). Really. I did link you on my blog, but can't let you know which one; I'm not worthy.