Friday, March 4, 2005

Steve Fossett Completes Another Idiotic Self-Indulgent Stunt, Yet Still Refuses to Die 8-(

Is it too much to ask of my fellow human beings that we stop giving a shit about this douchebag? Yes, it was amazing when Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic or when Amelia Earhart flew from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but that's because back then, planes were new and relatively untested. They fell apart easily, and some people still thought they were flying demons. But, Steve (and this goes for you too, Richard Branson), it's been like ninety years since Kitty Hawk. We know planes can fly. We know they can fly around the world. It's not impressive anymore, okay?

You know, what would be impressive is if you guys could add a few more inches of leg room to Virgin Atlantic coach. Rebel billionaire my ass.