Monday, April 25, 2005

This week is starting off a techno nightmare. I spent my weekend working for Ken, fixing this page way in the depths of his website that insists on telling you that your preferences haven't been updated when they have, in fact, been updated. It should've been a ten-minute fix, but since Microsoft is full of cretins who want to make your life difficult, it took me all weekend of saying, "How come it's not doing anything?" to figure out what files needed to be replaced to get the damn thing functioning. And I feel bad, because the guy's paying me, and he's not seeing any results.

Until this morning, that is. I finally found the master file, replaced the old version with my version, and the irritating error message started working. And everything else stopped working. Literally, everything.

I guess it might not be the absolute disaster that I'm painting it as, but I feel bad for Ken cause he's trying to run a business here and the damn website is getting in the way. I was candid and assumed something like this was going to happen eventually — the website is a tangle of files, 448 at last count, and I knew that screwing with one would probably break the others. I just don't like this frustration. It's... frustrating. :(