Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Facebook Me! wants you to check out my profile here: Facebook me! The whole "Facebook me!" line came from their website; if I were coming up with something pseudo-witty to write in there, it would at least sound a little dirty. is the online version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except that instead of Kevin Bacon, you have your college classmates — folks I'd normally say something snide about except I'll hold my tongue cause the people listed as my online friends are actually pretty cool. I reserve judgment about their online friends, though.

The exception to the above is, of course, Alma Mater, who somehow went from this — — to this cartoon slut here — .

thefacebook was the sort of thing that I got into for a few weeks of my life, thrilled about the opportunity to share my favorite books and relationship status with all my friends... until, of course, I realized that my friends don't give a crap. No, a few people fell under thefacebook's spell but by and large, my friends turned out to be much more well-adjusted than I was (am) and settled for real human interaction over the virtual same.

It feels like a pattern with this online social behavior: first it was chat rooms, there were those questionnaires and chain letters running every which way through AOL's email servers, then thefacebook and its egalitarian cousin Friendster. (Maybe blogs are next — that's why I'm pretty surprised I've kept this journal up for over a year.) The internet's just a tool to spur on non-virtual interaction; eventually it either works or you give up.