Friday, May 20, 2005

It's Almost Like Men are From One Planet and Women are From Another...

First of all, let me say that I am male. You know, in case you couldn't tell from my picture.

I came across the November 2004 issue of Glamour magazine, with the salacious cover story "The 20 best sex ideas in the world" and the significantly less salacious story about "must-read news on your period, weight, birth control and more." But I'd like to draw your attention to the lower right there: 6 mystery moods guys get into and how to decode them.

Excuse me?!

The mystery moods guys get into? And there's six of them? I didn't actually read the article (because I was in public at the time) but I'm sorry — guys only have two moods, and neither is a big damn mystery. There's "spending time with you is so much more fun than exploring my repressed homosexual angst with my guy friends." And there's "did someone secretly replace your regular morning coffee with something that turns you into a cranky bitch?"

Now, I've been in several platonic relationships and even a romantic one in my time, so I can say that if anyone gets into irrational, hormonal mystery moods demanding explication, it's the other gender. And I think that no matter your chromosomes, you can agree with me on that one.