Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Like a good liberal, I believe that when shit happens, it's important to play the blame game. So when I inadvertently walked out of Palmer Video with a DVD of Road To Perdition in loathed fullscreen instead of 2.35 : 1 widescreen, I immediately knew who was at fault: the white trash philistines who demand that every square inch of their TV be jam-packed with critically-acclaimed film. Also, Palmer's at fault for stocking the pan-and-scan version, and Dreamworks for producing it, and 20th Century Fox for distributing it. And the pimply-faced semi-pubescent kid behind the counter who didn't point out I was renting the "modified to fit your TV screen" variant.

Hmm... who else can I blame that's not me? There's the FCC, for not pushing high-def TV technology earlier...