Monday, December 5, 2005

Have a Politically Correct Holiday-Of-Your-Particular-Belief-System Season

It's time again for my annual rant about people who, in the true season of the holidays, get all ticked off when someone wishes them season's greetings in a manner that doesn't acknowledge their particular religion. Last year, it was the priest at my incredibly white church, and while I vehemently disagree with him — and we also share different views regarding this "happy holidays" thing — I can understand his worry about the secularization and commercialization of Christianity. And every year, it's Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and I can understand them, because they're psychotic hypocrites. But this year — last Wednesday, in fact — it was some dude paying four bucks for a cup of coffee at Starbucks who went off on the poor barista for offering her hopes that he'd have a happy holiday season. "Merry Christmas. It's Merry [and you could just see him suppressing a swear word] Christmas. We're celebrating the birth of Christ! They forget that without Jesus, there wouldn't even be any holidays!" For like five minutes.

First of all, dude, not true.

Second, I have so much respect for that counter girl for not yelling back at this asshole, "You know, I'm just trying to be nice. But fine, I take it back. Have a miserable Christmas. In fact, I wish your whole family dies of cancer on Christmas. And I hope all your friends get hit by a truck, on Christmas. And may your cat knock over your tree, on Christmas."