Saturday, February 4, 2006

Another Example of Why Humans Are The Dumbest Creatures on This Earth

Somehow, this thing caused a stampede where eighty-eight people DIED!!! It's a Philippine text-message game show called, meaningfully, Wowowee, and I defy anyone to tell me what the hell language it's in. English? Tagalog? Spanish? Stop giving me hope that I'll be able to figure out what's happening on this show!

Also, the top prize on Wowowee is a million pesos, which is about $384. In fact, according to poorly-written Wikipedia article, audience members actually have to donate money to be on the show! So, cheap much? I mean, that's like them rioting outside the Lingo studios. It's not just sad, it's pathetic, especially when our country has jackasses making fifty grand for eating buffalo cock on Fear Factor. Yes, I suppose we could demean ourselves more by bringing Fear Factor to the Philippines and slashing a few zeroes off that grand prize, but I have an idea for a game show called Let's Build The Philippenes An Economic Infrastructure So They Don't Have To Trample Themselves To Win $400.