Friday, May 19, 2006

Pop culture makes me angry again, this time because some overpaid associate producer in Hollywood had the brilliant idea of having Michael Mann direct the big-budget Miami Vice remake. This is totally aside from the fact that they're remaking Miami Vice in the first place, which I'm at peace with, even though Miami Vice barely deserves to be digitally remastered onto DVD, much less the silver screen. I despair for what's next, like maybe they'll get Scorcese directing The A-Team 2000? Take solace, though: sooner or later, Hollywood will have milked all the potential movie ideas out of VH1's I Love The... series, and they'll have to find another source of crappy Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller comedies. I think once we hit Chia Pet: The Movie, it'll be game over.

What really caught my eye is, doesn't the trailer look a little too, I don't know, dark and heavy to be the Miami Vice I occasionally catch a few seconds of on TV Land, with the pastel leisure suits and alligator-skin shoes and the scantily clad big-haired women on speedboats. Don't get me wrong: neither Bad Boys nor Bad Boys II needed to be made and/or watched, and the whole morally unequivocating buddy-cop action comedy thing has aged worse than, well, Don Johnson. I don't have any problem with Michael Mann's brooding drama taking the Miami drug war as a backdrop to explore the alienation and nihilism in urban America — but I've already seen Heat.


Mousqueton said...

Jay; I keep reading your blog and I must say you are getting better by the minute.