Sunday, October 22, 2006

When I was planning this trip, I completely overestimated the amount of cobblestone-road pounding my feet could tolerate. My sore feet may overwhelm my hatred for those Dr. Scholl's "gellin' like Magellan" commercials, and I can see myself buying those shoe inserts even though I swore I never would.

Anyhoo, today was a day of minor sightseeing: Sant'Ambrogio, Santa Maria delle Grazie — Leonardo da Vinci painted his "Last Supper" on the wall here, where it sits crumbling for the enjoyment of German tour groups, and San Vittore. San Vittore was amazing, but too dark for the pictures to come out clearly. The other two churches were, to my philistine eye, pedestrian. My uncle also dragged me to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnica, a hands-on science museum that's, to a degree, good for kiddies. The exhibits ranged from the dull — there's an entire room of the museum dedicated to zinc and another room for titanium and tungsten — to the questionable (see picture) to the relatively interesting. In my mind, the highlight of the museum is the reproductions of designs from Leonardo da Vinci's sketchbook, but seeing one device for dredging a river after another gets tiresome quickly.

The photos don't really capture San Vittore very well, and I'm too exhausted to fix them up with Photoshop.

I feel bad taking pictures in a church, even if the church is empty. So I dropped fifty cents (about sixty-three cents in America) in the poorbox and asked God to clean my conscience, but now that I think about it, bribing God probably isn't a great idea. And even if it was, God would probably want a little more money than that.