Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Selling Out

When Google first introduced their AdSense program, those "Ads by Google" boxes you see on some of the more casual websites out there, I briefly considered adding my blog to the online billboard program. AdSense monetizes your web presence by providing relevant, targeted advertising to your readers, which is business-speak for, "It turns your website into the computer equivalent of a Daytona stock car." I have too much respect for my readers to do that (really) so I kept the blog promotion-free.

But I met with my career coach and she suggested that someone like myself, looking to be a creative writer, should have multiple income streams and brought up the idea of "affiliate marketing." And I was still skeptical: how much could you possibly make from commissions off referrals or click-thru ads? Turns out... well, she went to an affiliate marketing seminar and met a guy who works an hour a day putting up links and makes six figures. And when I say six figures, I mean around half a million dollars a year.

So I respect you all, but I don't respect you that much.

Also, I'll respect you a whole lot more if you click on the affiliate links on the right.