Monday, November 10, 2008

My cousins dropped by the East coast for some random relative's wedding and they stopped in today for their annual couple-hour visit on their way to the airport. It was the grandparents, parents, and their two proto-humans. The baby couldn't care less, because she's a freaking baby, but the toddler was adorably shy, or at least as adorable as those things get. She was scared to walk in the front door, scared to meet Grandma, spending most of the afternoon engrossed in the GPS navigator and also a shiny silver necklace. Maybe fifteen minutes in, I guess Grandma felt like the toddler was neglecting her, and she called her over, "C'mere, Zoe..."

Zoe didn't even look up: "No."

We are simpatico.

God, I envy her, and I hope she never changes, because that is fucking beautiful. I wish I could do that, be just my own free fucking soveriegn self without any of that passive-aggressive bullshit. Nothing personal, just slow down, Cowgirl. I'll come when I'm good and ready.